50% off ceiling drapery with your minimum $300 linen/decor rental.

Price List

White chair covers

Goes with any theme. Take clean and bring back dirty. Awesome, right?

200 avail

White Chair Covers


Goes with any theme and customizable with chair sashes. Take clean and bring back dirty. Awesome, right?

360 available


Black Rectangular Table Cloth- 60"x126"


Black Polyester Rectangular Table Coths. Fits most large rectangular tables.

2 available


Burgundy Rectangular Table Cloth- 60"x126"


Burgandy Polyester Rectangular Table Coth. Fits most large rectangular tables.

2 available


Navy Blue Rectangular Table Cloth- 60"x126"


Navy Blue Polyester Rectangular Table Coth. Fits most large rectangular tables.

2 available


Charcoal Rectangular Table Cloth- 60”x102”


Charcoal Polyester Rectangular Table Coth. Fits most large rectangular tables.

3 available


White Table Skirt- 21'


White 21' pleated table skirt. Fits most large rectangular and round tables. 

6 available


Black or White Round Table Cloth- 120"


Black or White Polyester Round Table Cloth. Skip the table skirt because these gorgeous table cloths go to the floor on a table that seats 8-10.

25 available


Silver Square Satin Table Overlay- 60”x60”


Satin square table overlay in a pretty silver colour. This overlay is great with a white table cloth or try it with our black table cloth for a dramatic look. 

25 available


Burgundy Square Satin Table Overlay- 60”x60”


Satin square table overlay in a solid burgundy colour. Upgrades a plain white  table cloth from boring to gorgeous. 

25 available


Gold Square Satin Table Overlay- 60”



Satin square table overlay in a solid gold colour. 

25 available


Dark Red Square Satin Table Overlay- 60”


$2.00/each   Satin square table overlay in a dark red colour. 

25 available


Navy Blue Square Satin Table Overlay- 60”


$2.00/each   Satin square table overlay in a navy blue colour. 

25 available


Table runners in Silver, Dark Red, Gold, Sunny Yellow Black, Navy Blue & Burgundy

$2.00/each Several colours to choose from.

4 available in each colour

48 available in Sunny Yellow


Black, Sunny Yellow, Gold or Navy Blue Satin Chair Sash


Elegant Chair sashes are timeless. 

200 of each available

350 available in yellow


Burgundy or White Sheer Organza Chair Sash


These pretty organza chair sashes bring a nice burgundy colour when tied over our white chair covers.

200 available in burgundy

350 available in white


White Cloth Napkins


White 17'' cloth napkins. These make your table settings extra special. 

350 available


Silver Head Table Charger Plates


Silver charger plates make any table setting more elegant. 

12 available


Red Head Table Charger Plates


Red charger plates perfect for a themed head table and a pop of colour.

15 available


Gold Head Table Charger Plates


Gold charger plates have timeless elegance perfect for a more vintage feel.

12 available


Ceiling Drapery

Transform your space with ceiling drapery. 

10 - 30 foot ceiling panels available @ $65 each.

12- 60 foot ceiling panels available @ $95 each

 Or rent the whole  60 foot ceiling drapery kit for $1000  or  30 foot kit for $500 which includes the hanging hardware hoop. 

Can be configured in many different ways to get the look you want.

We can provide set up of these kits @ $200 for the 30 foot kit or $300 for the 60 foot kit. A certain amount of hardware needs to be present in your venue already. 


10x10 Adjustable Lighted Backdrop


$80.00/each or 2 for $150.00

This backdrop can be used behind a head table or a backdrop for scenery or even as an archway if the fabric is draped only on along the top and sides. Shown here with 2 together.

2 available

$3.00 each

White Metal lantern. Goes with every theme.

14 available

White Metal Lanterns

$3.00 each

White Metal Lanterns go with any theme.

14 available


Basic Wood Lanterns

$5.00 each

Light wood/grey colours. Includes a battery operated light for each lantern.

6 Available



$5.00 each

A more intricate lantern, comes with battery operated lights. 

2 available 


Wood coins- Birch or Pine

$3.00 each

Wood round coins with raw edge.

8 Pine available

20 Birch available


Wood Table Numbers

$2.00 each

2x4 dark wood table numbers. The classic look will suit any event. 

1-26 available 


Window Frames

$10.00 each

Antique window frames in an assortment of sizes, make a beautiful backdrop or add to your decor.

4 available 


Tabletop Easel

$6.00 each

Classic iron picture or sign easel, perfect for your signing table. 

1 available 


Copper Arch

$125.00 each

Can be configured to 7 ft x 5 ft or 6 ft x 6ft. A beautiful piece to make commitments in front of.

1 Available


White Metal Arch

$40 each

Comes with draping. Behind a wedding cake, perhaps?

1 Available


66ft String Lights

$10 each

Fairy String Lights make a ceiling magical. Each strand is 66 ft long, no venue is a problem with that length! These lights also perform in several modes to bring a flashy party alive or a soft mood for romantics. Also works in static mode. Clear wire will blend with any colour scheme.

12 Available

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Rental Fees

All rental fees are due upon pick up. A 50% refundable deposit, will be due upon booking and refunded upon return. 

Linen rentals include washing, so pick up clean and bring back dirty. 

All rentals are charged out by the day, can be picked up 1 day before the event and returned  the day following the event without incurring extra charges.